2020 First Half

June 30, 2020

2020 First Half

God Bless, America.

What a tumultuous year this has been and it is just about half over.

Golly, what is coming up Next?

We are told, we are at risk, in danger, and are getting anxious.

Oh boy, we have a challenge. 

Some of you love a challenge and some would rather coast. 

Depending on age, circumstances, health, wealth, focus,

We could go in a couple of different directions.

Talked to one of my cheerful 81 year old clients yesterday.

She is full of Joy, Laughter, plays cards with 16 ladies,

Walks around the church parking lot for exercise,

With friends, they bring chairs and visit as well.

Yes, we have a pandemic, do by all means be aware, awake, & dilligent

Yet, let others worry, smile, breathe deeply and above all Love.