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At Checki Financial, we love seeing our clients succeed.  Hear our clients share how they have benefited from working with us.

Retired Engineer 

After retiring early from the semiconductor industry, we moved outside the Metro Mess of Dallas. We love our twenty years of retirement living and learning.

P teaches woodturning in our custom designed workshop, and we both volunteer at a Christian-based school for junior and senior high students who don’t fit well in public schools.

D helps with grammar, writing and math while P helps in the shop area. We love our Church and of course we get to love our sons, their wives, and gifts from God, Grandchildren.

2nd Generation Client 2X

J and D are both second-generation clients. John and J. J. Checki have been friends of mine since I was no taller than a tabletop. J and her mom were also clients of John then of Checki Financial. John and J. J. have offered advice and helped us with family, business, job transitions, life changes and raising children.

They are very knowledgeable and always have our best interests at heart. And, they put a smile on our faces while helping us fulfill our goals of building wealth, maintaining family balance and harmony, and funding our children’s college future.

Software/Technology & Medical Doctor

We are thankful for Checki Financial for being a resource/sounding board in life and business. Their assistance / expertise goes way beyond financial. And they make it fun along with having a deep understanding of our present situation and future plans.

"Non compensated client testimonial; may not be representative of all client experiences; no guarantee of future performance or success."

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Spend Time and Save Money Book Reviews

Spend Time and Save Money: How to Invest in Fun with the Family While Growing Your Retirement Account

Change your mindset, easy read (J. Fryman)

Great, easy but thoughtful read. Talking about how to change your money mindset was a tremendous thing for our family and what we wanted to teach our kids. At the end of the day, money is a tool to accomplish things that you want to accomplish. Understand that and the friction it may cause with how you want to spend your time, and you can easily work out the priorities.

Great Book - Easy and Practical (L. Hopkins)

This book is a short and easy read for anyone who is just learning about finance. The information is practical, helpful and can be put into action right away.

The Checki's Are Awesome! (Z. Getson)

Great book with great lessons, by people I absolutely would trust with my retirement. Simple and short, with just the information you need to know.

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