Finally, a Book That Answers Your Financial Questions!

Retirement goals are different for everyone. Some may wish to educate their children, while others wish to buy a cabin in the woods to hide from their children. Whether it is a yearly vacation with the grandkids or sending your only grandchild to band camp, there are as many unique plans as there are people in this world.

Of course the first goal should be to retire without the fear of running out of money. To do this you must have a good plan in place before you retire, and that means you need to make smart money decisions!

What are the decisions to be made, and how do you make these smart decisions?

This is where John J. Checki, Jr. and J. J. Checki III, can help. In their book, Spend Time and Save Money, the authors share strategies as well as stories about life’s unexpected twists and turns, and how these events can surprise and delight you (and sometimes throw a little cold water on the best-laid plans).

Whether you’ve just begun retirement or are five to ten years away from retiring, there are steps and best practices that are designed to ensure your move into retirement -- or your "non-working-for-wages" stage -- goes as smoothly as possible. The authors believe that In this rough-and-tumble world, with an economy that can turn on a dime, you mustn't try it alone. Investments can be confusing and they hope that this book will help you avoid the bumps and bruises of investing and saving on your own.

They wrote this book with the hope of providing readers with some gold nuggets, helpful hints, and stories that will encourage the reader to decide what is truly possible for their retirement. Their wish is that readers will be inspired to take action on fulfilling their hopes and dreams, jotting them down on paper so they can start creating their own unique action plan for retirement.

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