Our Tailored-to-You Process

Getting You from Point A to Point B

Like most things in life, an effective retirement plan requires insight and thoughtful, strategic planning. At Checki Financial, we are passionate about helping you get where you want to go, financially. Through a comprehensive planning process, we help you prepare for your anticipated retirement date, putting your goals and dreams front and center. When you make the decision to partner with us, we will walk you through a process that is designed to ensure your current needs are met, and your future goals are considered. Imagine being able to enjoy the rest of your life as it unfolds in conjunction with your unique plan. 

How does this work?

  1. First, we work on your plan. We'll take the time to get to know you on a personal level, in order to better understand your retirement goals. Once your goals are outlined,
  2. We'll outline the best ways to help you arrive at your intended destination. We'll present costs and benefits to each of your ideas and dreams. Then, 
  3. Your strategy will be custom-tailored to you, and built to align with your unique needs and goals. Once we discuss and you approve of this strategy,
  4. Your plan will be implemented. After the implementation phase, we will continually review your plan's progress, make changes if and when necessary, and meet regularly to discuss.

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