Screen Time / Electronics

Screen Time / Electronics

December 16, 2020

Screen Time / Electronics

Screen time. How often do you think about how much time we or our kids spend on electronics?

Last month, my wife and I realized our kids were on phones and watching TV more and more and became so accustomed to it that they expected it every day.

What did we do in response? We went one week with no electronics for the kids (except for a couple shows that we watched together as a family).

What happened next? The kids played more games together, rode their bikes, and spent time with neighbors the entire week. They also slept better.

Once we reintroduced electronics, we went back to our restrictions that we had in the past.

The kids responded very well during the week of no electronics. Afterwards, once the new limits were in place, they did well. There was also a lot less moaning when they were asked to turn the screen off and generally had a much better attitude.

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