God Bless America

March 26, 2020

God Bless America

Hope someone out there is enjoying this ciaos.

Thanks to the T.P. shortage, plumbers are finding what's new in drain clogging, good for them.

Congress somehow managed to get a bill passed and signed with only one house in session, with luck good for certain parts of the economy.

How are moms and dads coping with at home schooling and full time children?

In our family? Well mine are grown up and gone, there's younger, home schooled since birth, only change is no group coop classes and Bible school.

Work, still reaching out and responding and updating, and studying new methods, and editing our book,

"Spend Time and Save Money." 

How to Invest in Fun with the Family While Growing Your Retirement Account

Hang in There, Love, Move, Eat Well, Smile, Enjoy.