Just The Facts, Please?

July 15, 2020

Just The Facts, Please?

Excuse me?

Honest to God, I am a big fan of the Facts.

Yes, I have read and written novels, and short stories, and appreciated them.

Yet, gee, when did misreporting and just flat lying become okay?

We do a fact checking around here, because we prefer to know what is not just what we would wish was true

Honestly we have talked to enough front line people who have no idea where the media is getting its #'s.

Really?  Yes, really. Misinformation is running rampant.  

Why? It is just too consistent to mistake it for anything but being deliberately  influencing.

Check the facts, reach out to friends and relatives, and clients who are there.

We have done this and been surprised concerning the reports we hear and see.

Be of good cheer, Be Aware, Awake, and Alive.