Life Skills Training: Laundry

Life Skills Training: Laundry

December 04, 2020

Life Skills Training: Laundry

At what age should kids do their own laundry?

Well, I guess it depends on how complicated your washing machine is and whether they have older siblings.

All kidding aside, once they are able to load the washing machine and fill the container with detergent the laundry should shift from parent to child. Why you ask?

It teaches them to be responsible (and lightens your load a little bit).

We are fortunate that we have a front loading machine with straight forward controls. Our kids started washing (and folding) their own clothes by the time they were 8, 6 and 4.

The youngest moved the clothes into and out of the dryer since he was too young to remember the right buttons to push.

What if your children are a little older? Then start them now. It's an important life skill.

Their future spouse will thank you! 😉

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More life skills lessons to come...