The Advantages of Aging?

March 12, 2023

The Advantages of Aging? 

1.  Wisdom: Taking Information, Making It Knowledge, Then Know How, & Wisdom

2. Kindness: People Seem To Treat You With Deference and Respect, May Even Call You "Sir." or "Madam" 

3. $$$ Oh Boy Senior Discounts, Pensions, Social Security, Required Minimum Distributions. 

4. Free Clothes: Shopping in Your Closets, and People Giving You Really Cool Clothes. 

5. Decide to be Heathy: Why Not?

6. Establish Your Baselines: Get Your Check Up etc.

7. Be Curious: Listen, Learn, Mentor, Volunteer, Laugh Like Your Grandchildren.

8. Community: Yes for support.

9. Resources: Are Growing by the DAY. 

By The Way, Aging Is The ONE Thing We All Have In Common, Let's Enjoy The Journey Together.