What Are The Seven Biggest Concerns for Boomers?

June 03, 2013
Great question.  It begins with Health, Health Care Costs, Running Out of Money Worries, Taxes, Relationships, Boredom, and Family.  Health, depends how well we chose our parents, and what we did with our God given gifts (diet, exercise, stress, career, family).  Health Care Costs?  Golly, this is a planning piece that used to be ignored and is now a dynamic consideration.  Running Out of Money Worries, we have an app on our Smatter Than Me Phone, which can give us an idea within minutes.  Taxes, a little planning and implementation can go a long long way.  Relationships, when we love and give, it seems to work out, if not we can always move on down the road. Boredom?  Golly, there is so much to learn and do, not sure how boredom enters the equation.  Family, if we are blessed with family good for us, if not we can make friends and form a tribe along the way.