What Can You Do Today?

March 27, 2020

What Can You Do Today?

To flourish rather than perish, to improve health, wealth, and Peace of Mind?

Sadly, we are told when all else fails, Pray.

Golly, if that is our backstop, let's start there, no kidding.

Personally I do read The Bible every morning, pray, give thanks.

At night make it a point to thank God for at least three things,

Which make me feel Grateful.

How about this stock and bond and real estate and oil and

You name your favorite worry zone?

Control the things you can:

Sleep, diet, movement, entertainment, education, posture, attitude.

The rest, well, why worry, take action where prudent, listen learn be thankful.

Now does that sound silly?


I have talked to my brother more this week than in the last three months.

Seen my younger grandchildren twice,

a lot more of my gifted talented gorgeous wife, Suzi, and our home and yard.

Be and Stay Well and Positive.