What I Learned Today at Genius Network?

January 08, 2021

What I Learned Today At Genius Network

Listen, Learn, and Apply.

Most will simply be entertained and confused.

Why bother to make the investment.

Much like joining a gym and thinking you will get fit by authorizing the charge.

Silly, and Typical.

What I learned today.

1. We all have a Contribution to Make, be sure to Make it.

2. Speak Up, and Be Heard, but first, Listen, Learn, Apply, Modify, Revise.

Consider it all Joy.

Enjoy the Journey, The Effort, The Character Building Experience.

Entrepreneurs can make great Red Sauce or Chile, perhaps not Bake so well.

We May or May Not make great employees.

We Aim To Please, for too many reasons to mention.

It is Harder Than It Looks.

Have Boundaries, It is a mater of Who not only How.

Consider it all Joy.

Take care of you Health, Wealth, Relationships, Spiritual Life.

Smile, Laugh, Enjoy, Use the good China, drink the best.....

Take care of yourself, and be ready to help those who need your help.

Love, and Be Happy and Stay Strong.