What The Heck Is Happening?

May 24, 2022

What The Heck Is Happening?´╗┐

Let me Clue You,

No Kidding.


Supply Chain Interruptions,






Did I leave something out?

We are all getting Older or Not.

Inflation: Lots of Money for some, and an absence of things necessary to buy: hence prices go up and Up.

Supply Chain Interruptions: Yikes: Pipelines stopped, Drilling Discontinued, Technology Lagging, Tyranny, 

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Violence: Can't Leave Home without being awake, aware and on guard.

Corruption: Why do Politicians travel to foreign countries and not our Borders?

Controversy:  Mark Twain, "I believe everything I read in the newspapers, except when I have first hand knowledge of the Facts."

Sickness: Anxiety, Viruses: natural and manufactured?

What did I omit?

You tell me.

Have fun stay well and strong.