Help Us Help You

To Help Us Help You, Please Provide the Following

  1. What progress over the next year would you need to make to be happy with your progress? 
  2. Financial Statements from your accounts
    1. Copies of your latest Bank Statements
    2. Copies of your latest Credit Card Statements
    3. Investment Account Statements
    4. 401K, 403(b), Other Retirement Program Statements
    5. TRS or Hospital or Employer Pension Projection.
  3. Last three years of your federal income tax returns
  4. Listing of your company benefits.
  5. Two Pay Stubs with your gross pay and deductions
  6. Latest Social Security Projection
  7. Copies of your Insurance Policies (Life, Health, Home, Auto, Accidental Death & Disability, Disability.)
  8. List of your short and Long Term Goals
  9. Prior Financial Analysis and Plans.
  10. Detailed information about your family:
    1. Legal Name
    2. Birth date
    3. Social Security Number
  11. Vacation and Travel Plans, this year or in years to come.
  12. List of your cars and trucks and summary of their condition.
  13. Tell me about your home. Do you like just the way it is or is it in need of: Improvement, Repair, and Replacement?
  14. Any other information you would like to share with us.
  15. What Church, Synagogue or Temple do you attend?
  16. What are your hobbies?
  17. What are your educational plans of your children?
  18. What are your educational plans for you and your family?
  19. If money was no object, what would you do differently?